the long road

Initially started in 2011 by cousins David Manchen and Gerarad Rapp upon the dissolve of their previous project they set out to create music driven by their own root, rock and roll influences. With Manchen singing and songwriting and Rapp playing his distinct style of electric guitar they began putting songs together, finally bringing David McCann and later Kyle Gallagher in on drums and, over time, bringing in other great members of the local music community to create their own unique brand of rock and roll and providing high energy live shows. In 2016 the band went on hiatus during which David sought out new opportunities playing solo acoustic shows around Illinois while Gerard formed Dead Harvest where he found the opportunity to showcase his own unique playing style to new audiences.

After time spent playing solo David decided to reincarnate ADP in 2018 and audiences can look forward to new music and plenty of live shows to come. The band is currently set to release their first single, "Devil's Daughter", with the most recent reincarnation of the band (Manchen on vocals, Rapp on guitar, Chamberlain Foreman on bass and Kyle Richards bringing it home on drums). With newfound motivation and inspiration through fresh blood joining the lineup, the band has been working non stop since August of 2018 and plans to spend 2019 gigging, creating and recording relentlessly.

Stay tuned because if you blink you'll miss it.